GERA-Materials at a glance


MeshTec material is comprised of German quality BASF TPU that is directly injected into a strong yet breathable synthetic mesh. Mesh Tec is created during the injection process under high heat and pressure. The materials essentially become ONE and will not separate. Since TPU is injected into the mesh at every contact point, there are no gaps or spaces for dirt to get trapped. The mesh layer in the TPU is similar to the way concrete is poured over a rebar grid. With an inner rebar (iron) grid, concrete`s strength and flexibility are improved dramatically. A similar synergy is attained by injection the TPU into the mesh using advanced tooling design and injection techniques. No toxis glues are used, no lamination, no ´stitching. This unique combination makes MeshTec ideal for a range of equestrian boot types.
Mesh-Tec engineered material is being used in a series of protective equestrian boots. Used for the protective outer layer of horse boots, Mesh-Tec material acts like „horse armor“ by offering an ultimate combination of breathability/air exchange, impact and abrasion protection, support and durability. Additionally, its unique properties offer a completely new way of manufacturing, with less stitching and glue required during boot assembly.


Breathable Neoprene coated with jersey on both sides. The unique perforation ensures excellent circualtion of air for the first time and avoids excess sweating. AIRTEX is used by production of GERA-boots, GERA-numnahs and GERA-girths. Due to high flexibility supple, „breathing“ products with perfect fit are generated.


Made of polyester reinforcement with extremely high tear strength. This is only one of several advantages of using
GERA-girths and GERA-girth sleeves. The meaning of DUPLEX: bracing without bondage and chafing.


high-grade, jersey-laminated neoprene in manifold colour proposal. On account of flexibility EQUITEX finds nearly indefinit fields of application in the GERA-equitation programme.


Extra pressure-resistant neoprene with shock-absorbing
attributes. The specially coated outer material ensures hook and loop fasteners hold in any position. MEDITEX over-reach- and protection boots can be individual adjusted to the shape of hoof and leg of the horse. Based on the brilliant support function frequently used in dressage- and western riding.


MEDITEX meets AIRTEX! The excellent properties of MEDITEX material are completed with the unique perforation of AIRTEX
This way a breathable material avoiding excess sweating is developed.


A combination out of extra tearproof textile woven material and neoprene with high dynamic load capactiy. Due to the hydrophobic coating of the material water absorption is impeded. SUPRATEX boots, girths and over-reach-boots are particulary used for cross country because of this advantage.

Leather and real sheep fur, as well as shock-absorbing materials like gel and lattice foam, get a special place in manufacturing the high-quality GERA-products „MADE IN GERMANY“.

GERA – Simply the best for your horse
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