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Even if not as popular as they have been formerly, still many customers particularly ask for them: the GERA-Classics! This is about several products which have been well established in the GERA equitation program since years. As we want to satisfy the needs of any customer on principle they will maintain their place in it!

– anti-bacterial, easy-care numnah
– machine-washable up to 40 °C
– also available with integrated soft seat
– available for versatility- (VS), dressage- (DR) and showjumping-saddles
– also available as saddle cloth (VS, DR)

1115 / 1116


Numnahs: Art.-No. 1115 without soft-seat / 1116 with soft-seat

Sizes: VS, VS large, DR, DR large, Pony, SPR

Saddle Cloths: 1125 without soft-seat / 1126 with soft-seat

Sizes: VS, DR


colours: white, black, brown
leather facing: white, black, brown

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