About us

GERA ferro-plast Radeke GmbH still is a family business based in Wuppertal (Germany), which was led by Jochen Radeke, son of the founder of the company Albrecht Radeke, for more than 3 decades until his son Felix Radeke took the helm in 2013. So one thing is sure, GERA stays in the family and therewith in Germany.

Since more than 35 years the name „GERA“ stands for highest quality in international equitation. Our motto „Only the best for your horse“ is also always the mission, which is the base and the target of all developments of GERA and which is internalized by all employees.

Our core-competence is the protection of horses‘ leg. No matter if tendon boots, protective boots, fetlock boots, over-reach-boots or travelling boots – optimal protection in connection with comfort for horse and rider is the focus of every development. Further GERA proofs its innovation-force in numnahs and girths as well since decades. In every segment new materials are tested all the time to make equitation as pleasant as possible for horse and rider.
The longtime-experience as well as the even traditional closeness to actual practice ensures that GERA products always meet the ever-growing requirements of equitation.

All GERA products underlie a strict quality control and the different steps of development are additionally tested in practice to ensure that the final product meets the requirements of horse and rider in all points.

Our development department is searching continuously for improvements. Even with our own slogan „Only the best for your horse“ we are not really satisfied, because the best is actually not good enough to us for your horse. Therefore we are going to repose by conviction on quality „Made in Germany“ with our own manufacture.
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